Five reasons to be frightened of Sarah Palin

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 1) She's a global warming denier.

2)  She thinks that God likes pipelines,  (h/t Juan Cole)

3) She has a whole lot in common with fundamentalists from other parts of the world.

4) She's a liar.

5) She believes the war in Iraq is God's work.

And there's more, believe me. I didn't even get to reproductive rights yet. Or the strange fetishizing of married teen parents.



On one of Sara Palin speeches, McCain stands to her left and behind, and stares at her butt, totally stares at her butt, looks up with a sheepish grin, blinks like "who me?" and stares at her butt some more, all while pulling on his finger in a suggestive way. Dirty old man McCain

Good morning! Let me say that I myself have not followed politics in quite sometime. You can say Bush being elected made me lose hope for a better America.
Now I regret ignoring the negativity because there is many things that every American citizen should know about what is going on in our world today.
So with that being said I find it hard not to listen to what's going on in politics now. I also find it hard not to laugh at Sarah Palin and John McCain. Which I found out on my own that it will lead to you being sent home from work if you offend someone by laughing at their pathetic speeches (true story).
But for people like me who are easing back into this crazy race for a better America. The blog helps. I already knew his VP was going to be a hopeless person. But to read and listen to the crap she really believes in, is just upsetting.
I have a nine year old son in fourth grade right now. I would yank his butt out of school so quick if they tryed to shove GOD down his throat or any other topics that us parents should teach or the child should learn on their own terms. That is not somebody elses choice to make!
Pipelines, really? Come on!
God's work? Seriously!
Banning books!!! I can't believe it!
This global warming, not man made!?!?! You have to be kidding me! Where did this lady come from? Oh yes, that's right nobody knows! She just appeared a year ago, right?

I think the Obama campaign message is really beginning to come through today. And that message is simple: It's not about the personalities. It's not about the family members. It's certainly not about whether the Governor of Alaska is a creationist. It's about the issues. It's shocking to hear this from an actual bona fide candidate, but he's been consistent about it, and the media are finally starting to get it.

Agreed for the most part. But I think the fact that the governor of Alaska is a creationist is, in fact, an issue -- especially when she favors teaching creationism in public schools.

You're right -- it's not about the personalities and the family members. Unless you're John McCain, and the only you hope you have is to make it about the personalities and family members. That's why it's so disappointing and infuriating when the news media, particularly television, are so blatantly duped by campaign spin or, perhaps more likely, complicit in it.

So good on them for remembering how to do their jobs. If they continue to do so, it will be to our benefit.


You may also find her issues regarding dominionism interesting... (gakked from my blog on LJ)
Notations for all Pagan, and possibly of interest to non-christians...
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Sarah Palin's anti-pagan, very clearly outlined:

And here's a lil bit from Keith Oberman...

Forward and gak at will. This person should be no where near public office.