World Premiere of playwright Mikki Gillette’s: The Queers.


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Published date: 
Monday, December 13, 2021 - 2:13pm


Fuse Theatre Ensemble is proud to present the World Premiere of playwright Mikki
Gillette’s The Queers.

The Queers represents a milestone in trans representation in Portland theatre, being the
first trans ensemble drama written by a trans writer to receive a production of any kind in
the area. Set in a mid-sized city in 2011, The Queers follows the trans women Lisa (a substitute
teacher falsely accused of misconduct at work), Ally (who struggles with poverty and
unrequited love), and Andrea (who’s at the very beginning of her transition). Their paths
become entangled with Smith and Pim, a young nonbinary couple, and in this witty and
daring script, activism, jealousy, financial insecurity, and suicidal ideation all ensue as
the pressures of transphobia raises life’s stresses to a fever pitch.


Directed by James Dixon

Produced by
with support by
February 18 - March 13

Fuse Theatre Ensemble Dares: 
Our audiences to exit their comfort zones, 

Our peers to collaborate before competing, 

Our community to manage our resources sustainably.

3 Shift the Paradigm. 

Fuse is celebrating over 13 years of producing paradigm shifting theatre in Portland, OR,
and around the world. The recipient of six 2019 Drammy Awards, Fuse has become a
stalwart of socially motivated theatre in the Portland community. Fuse is the recipient of
the 2020 Miller Foundation Grant, 2019 Collins Foundation Grant, 2019 Regional Arts
and Culture Council Project Grant, 2019 MCCC grant, 2017 Regional Arts and Culture
Council Arts Equity Grant, and 2007 Regional Arts and Culture Council Project Grant.
They have traveled the world with their production of Suburban Tribe, won Drammy
Awards for their productions of Cabaret, Tether: ADHD+BDSM, and Under the
Influence and for their props design for Artist Rep’s The Lieutenant of
Inishmore. Fuse has been an ambassador of the Pacific Northwest theatre touring to New
Orleans, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Bali, Adelaide, Australia, and Avignon, France. In
less than a decade, Fuse has fostered the creation of 18 original works
(Craft/Craeft/Kraft, Slap That Bitch, Suburban Tribe, MySp_ce, #smarter_than_phones,
Karaoke Night! (the musical), A Virgin in Neverland, (...), Sonnetscape, Under the
Influence, Tether: ADHD+BDSM, The Importance of being Frank, I am an Actress: a
Passion Play, unde+ec+able, Book of J, The Fear of Speaking, and The Pursuit of
Happiness) while also producing Portland’s annual celebration of the
LGBTQIA+ contribution to theatre, The OUTwright Theatre Festival.


Who: Fuse Theatre Ensemble
What: The World Premiere of

The Queers
by Mikki Gillette
Directed by Asae Dean
Starring: Juma DeJesus, Naomi Jackson, Alec
Lugo, Zeloszelos Marchandt, Kate Mura, Juliet
Mylan, Harper York
Stage Manager: Jenn Lindell
Mise en Scene Designer: Ara Manoogian

When: January 7 - February 6, 2022
Thursday-Saturday at 7:30pm
Sundays at 3pm for more info
and to reserve seats


(Through Common Grounds Coffee Shop)
4319 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97215