Hiring: Youth Coordinator


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Published date: 
Wednesday, March 31, 2021 - 3:01pm


We're looking for a Youth Coordinator to work with our Youth Collective, supervising and helping them to produce their monthly radio show. Our ideal candidate has experience in radio and working with youth programs. This position is available to fill immediately and is a contract position. Please send a cover letter and resume to hiring@kboo.org


KBOO Community Radio
Department:  Programming

Reports to: Station Manager
Employment Status:  Independent Contractor
Supervises: youth volunteers
Hours:  10 hrs. per week

Length of contract: April 7 - June 30, 2021


General Description:  Supervise and support KBOO’s Youth Collectives, sustain and increase Youth involvement in KBOO audio production on and off the air, help develop KBOO’s youth outreach and sustainability plan.



  • Experience working with children and teens remotely and in-person

  • Management and supervisory skills that place emphasis on teamwork in a collaborative setting

  • Experience in motivating and guiding volunteers in the carrying out of a programming charter 

  • Experience in news and public affairs production, including news stories, interviews, and features, preferably in community or public radio – minimum three years experience preferred

  • Experience in training people in the above skills 

  • Experience in community or public radio strongly preferred 

  • Experience working with diverse communities. 

  • Organizational skills

  • Excellent communication skills 

  • Ability to work well under pressure and without direct supervision 

  • Ability to work remotely

  • Ability to work under deadline and to direct volunteers to work under deadline 

  • Ability to work evening hours, and some weekend hours as necessary 

  • Ability to speak multiple languages a plus


Essential Functions

  • Supervise and guide KBOO’s youth collective weekly production meetings, helping youth volunteers with creating show themes, runsheets, technical issues, FCC compliance

  • Be available to answer questions from youth volunteers outside of weekly meetings

  • Keep track of and document youth programming progress and activities

  • Report weekly to and work with the Public Affairs director regarding on-air youth collective programming

  • Check in regularly with station management regarding youth programming 

  • Lead outreach efforts to increase youth involvement with KBOO

  • Ensure all youth programming efforts uphold KBOO’s policies, mission, value, and charter

  • Do outreach to high schools, community agencies, or other organizations working with youth, setting up mobile podcasting studios or home studios remotely

  • Coordinate with Public Affairs Director, Station Manager, and Volunteer Coordinator as necessary for programming and outreach

  • Establish partnerships with adults working in the community with Youth who are interested in giving young people the opportunity to get their voices heard on radio

  • Develop or update KBOO training materials geared for youth

  • Recruit KBOO volunteers to mentor youth volunteers, assist in training activities, provide formats for Youth voices on the radio

  • Seek increased opportunities for programming by Youth at KBOO

  • Assist in promoting programs featuring Youth voices in the community

  • Other duties as needed to support KBOO’s youth program



This position is for 10 hours per week at $20/hour as a contractor. Some flexibility is offered in scheduling.


Working Conditions

There are approximately 13 staff members, over 300 volunteers, over 4,000 members, and over 30,000 listeners. The atmosphere can be hectic and stimulating. The ability to work in this kind of environment is essential.


During station closure, all KBOO employees and contractors work remotely. In-station access is limited to essential duties only. When in-station, everyone must follow health and safety protocols.  


Workplace expectations at KBOO radio include: effective verbal and written communications; conflict de-escalation; skillful volunteer relations and utilization; capable project management; work-area organization; response to all correspondence; teamwork and cooperation with other employees, volunteers, and Board members; furtherance of KBOO mission, goals and values; meeting attendance and participation; capable departmental budgeting; and punctuality.


Equipment, software, platforms used

Computer, soundboard, mixer, microphone, field recorder, other audio production equipment, google workspace, zoom, Audacity, Audition


Equal Opportunity Employer

KBOO is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.  Our organization does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, color, sex, gender, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, class, creed, physical or mental disability.