Life During Wartime

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DIY Punk and Hardcore, live bands, and shows listing for the Portland area

Wednesday 10:00pm to midnight. Alternates weeks with Dr. Zomb's Radio Obscura.
Life During Wartime started in 1995, and is on every other Wednesday night from 10 pm until midnight (PDT), here on KBOO. We play DIY Punk And Hardcore records, have live bands, and do a  local shows listing for the Portland area (annihilate this week ) right around 11pm.
We want your records!! Send them to Life During Wartime /PO BOX 1113 / Portland, OR / 97207-1113
If you have the misfortune of living outside of the Portland area, you can listen to the whole two hour show at Live Band sets will also be posted on the website, eventually.

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Life During Wartime on 09/21/16

Airs at: Wed, 09/21/2016 at 10:00pm - Thu, 09/22/2016 at Thu, 09/22/2016
Produced for Life During Wartime
  09:59PM-10:02PM (3:00) Impact “Stormtrooper Tactics” from A country fit for heroes 10:02PM-10:05PM (3:00) External Menace “someday” from Coalition blues 10:05PM-10:08PM (3:00) A.B.H “Wanna Riot” from A couNTRY FIT FOR HEROES on No Future 10:08PM-10:11PM (3:00) Cadavero... Read more

Live in Studio: TOP DOWN

Airs at: Wed, 09/07/2016 at 10:00pm - Thu, 09/08/2016 at Thu, 09/08/2016
Produced for Life During Wartime
Live In Studio Guests Top Down! TOP DOWN is a transatlantic/transpacific lo-fi, garage/punk rock band based in Portland, Oregon with 2 drummers and band members from the US, GER & NZ Top Down Set List Primitive & Raw The Tunnel ... Read more

Live in Studio: MACHO BOYS

Airs at: Wed, 08/24/2016 at 10:00pm - Thu, 08/25/2016 at Thu, 08/25/2016
Produced for Life During Wartime
  We're so stoked to have MACHO BOYS live in studio - perfect hardcore with excellent politics! Get pumped with the demo   - 10:00pm Crux “Keep on running” from Keep On Running - EP (vpr) 10:06pm PMS 84 “bRAVE NEW WORLD” ... Read more

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