To sign up for the following trainings, you must first attend a volunteer orientation. Our next volunteer orientation will be held on Thursday, February 11th, 6 - 8 pm. If you have already been to orientation, and would like to sign up for any of these trainings, or discuss which trainings you need, please contact Ani Haines

Please see our volunteer page for more about volunteering, and attending the orientation.

While trainings are free to active volunteers at KBOO, we do require that you volunteer for eight-hours for each training you schedule.

We have regular trainings monthly to help build skills in audio production and news writing & reporting.

Intro to Studio and Audio Production

Saturday February 13th, 1-4pm,  with  Delphine Crisenzo
Friday February 26th,  Noon-4pm with Tim Nakayama
Saturday March 19th  1-4pm,  with  Delphine Crisenzo

Learn your way around the KBOO Studios, how to use a mixing board, a microphone, and an audio source, how to do a phone interview, and how to use our production facilities. This is the very first production training you should take, and it is required for all future training.

We also require a listening session after this class. The listening sessions

Wednesday March 2, 7-8:30pm with BreAna Loranger
Monday March 21st,  7-8:30pm with BreAna Loranger

Legal Training: FCC Issues in Broadcast

Saturday February 13, 2-4pm, with Erin Yanke

This is a required course for all on-air volunteers. You will learn all about FCC regulations — like indecency, slander/libel, payola/plugola, and so much more.

Board Operator Training

Friday February 19, 4-6pm, with Ian Gadberry
Friday March 4, 4-6pm, with Ian Gadberry

You will shadow the Board Ops for a few shows. You will learn the ins and outs of the Air Room, as well as how to communicate with the program host, how to cue music, etiquette for putting calls on the air, how to be prepared for emergencies,  and much more. You will then  practice running the Board in Production One, using morning run sheets.

Introduction to Social Media

please contact  Nathaniel Bachelder for individual instruction

[email protected]

This class is for those with little or no social media experience, or those who have personal accounts and want to learn the basics of social media for promoting your radio show.

You will learn about Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr: how they work and how to use them to increase your radio audience, and basic Do’s and Don’ts of social media .

Prerequisite: Introduction to Studio and Audio Production, and Listening Session. 

PM News Orientation

 Friday, February 12, 10:30-noon with Lisa Loving

Learn the basics of KBOO Evening news production process, how to begin volunteering with Evening news, how the Newsroom production studio works, and some basic interviewing techniques. 

News Writing for Radio

Friday, February 19, 10:30-noon with Lisa Loving

You will learn how to effectively write new copy for radio: intros, outtros, what to avoid, how to write copy for anchors, and the basics of voicing into microphones. Prerequisite:NEWSROOM ORIENTATION.

Interviewing Techniques

with  Lisa Loving

Interviewing techniques – the art of the interview.  It’s more than just putting a microphone in front of someone!  Learn how to prepare for your interview, how to phrase your questions, and audio techniques for maximum effect. This training is aimed at news and public affairs volunteers. 

Announcing and Mic Technique

With Emily Young

How to use the number one tool of radio, The Microphone, to your advantage. We'll learn how to sound good on the microphone, how to prepare your script and voice, and more!


Master Class: Field Recording Intensive

with Jimmy Tardy

Learn to use the Zoom Recorders for field recording.  You will be prepared for both reporting in the field and recording lectures for broadcast. On Day ONE we will learn the machine, and basic sound properties.  You will go out and do Field Recording on your own. On Day TWO  we will listen to your recordings, talk about successes and problems, and learn how  to turn the recordings into “on-air quality” content.   

Beginning Digital Editing

February 13th,  Noon-1pm with Delphine Crisenzo

with Jimmy Tardy

This class is the general introduction to the Adobe Audition Program. You will learn about file management, about digital editing, and how to upload your work onto the KBOO website, and how to download audio and edit it for KBOO airplay

PRE-REQUISITE: Introduction to Studio and Audio Production and Listening Session, Legal Training

One -on - One Trainings can also be arraned by contacting Delphine Criscenzo at  [email protected]

Advanced Digital Editing

Monday March 7, 1:30-3:30pm with Matt Clark

with Jimmy Tardy
with Rolf Semprebon

Learn how to use the multitrack functions in Adobe Audition, and make spots for KBOO on-air promotions.

PRE-REQUISITE: Introduction to Studio and Audio Production and Listening Session, Legal Training, Digital Editing

Field Recording Intensive

 with Jimmy Tardy

You will focus on learning the Zoom Recorder, the the check-out and check-in procedure for equipment, tips for getting the most out of your field recording, and how to put the audio from the recorder onto the computer for editing.  Then you will go and do field recording, to create broadcast content for KBOO. This class is required before you can check out equipment for field recording.

Music Library Orientation

Friday February 12th 6-8pm, with Erin Yanke

Learn how our library is organized, how we add music to our collection, and get involved in archiving our live music and creating the library database.

Twitter for KBOO Hosts, DJs and Board Operators

with Lisa Loving

This class will teach KBOO hosts, DJs and Board Operators all about Twitter: what to post, when and how often, how to get followers, and more!

Commentary Writing for Radio

with  Per Fagereng

You will learn how to write commentaries for radio: how to begin, what to avoid, how towrite concisely, and the basics of voicing into microphones. BRING A 1-2 PAGE COMMENTARY TO CLASS

Prerequisite:Introduction to Audio Production, Listening Session

Live Remote Broadcasting Training

Led by Jessy Damon and Jon Wohlfert

Get the training to be part of KBOO’s exciting Live Remote Team!
Learn the duties of Hosting, Board Operation, Production, Engineering, and more!  We will also have trial run practices.

Prerequisite: Intro to Audio Production, Legal  Training, and the Listening Session.

Live Music Mixology: How to Mix and Broadcast Live Bands

with Jessy Damon, and Jon Wohlfert

You will learn how to mix and broadcast live performances in the KBOO studios. On the second day of the class you will mix a live band. You MUST attend both days.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Audio Production, Audio Production Listening Session, Legal Training

Music Programming Essentials

Discuss some of the basic elements that are essential to quality music programming, both in technical skills and in compelling content. We will be sharing Tips, Pet Peeves, and do peer evaluations.

Public Affairs Programming Essentials

Discuss some of the basic elements that are essential to quality public affairs programming, both in technical skills and in compelling content. We will be sharing Tips, Pet Peeves, and learn how to do Critical Listening Evaluations.

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