Editing your program page

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Your program page has been created, and you've been added as a host. Now, you may edit this page -- please do so! 

Some parts that are essential that you edit are:
  • Musical Genres (under Vocabularies) -- please limit this to the 4 most relevant genres
  • Homepage URL if there is an off-site website for the program
  • Full Description - You want to have at least 2 sentences (preferably more) on why people should listen to your program -- what's your focus? what makes your program special? 
  • Upload a graphic - one that isn't copyrighted, and then email me so I can place it -- though if you know email, you're welcome to place it yourself. If you are placing it yourself, images must be no more than 550px wide at 72 ppi. (If you're uploading it, our software will take care of it automagically)
Some examples of program pages to emulate are:
You are also encouraged to post Schedule Episodes and Playlists for your program.