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An eclectic slum of garage, R&B, doo wop, soul, the early blues... As well as random field recordings, clips from bad and funny public acess TV, and mysterious guest hosts.


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Ditch Digger on 06/24/15

Ditch Digger
Air date: 
Wed, 06/24/2015 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Whatever she brings with her.

Ditch Digger on 06/10/15

Ditch Digger
Air date: 
Wed, 06/10/2015 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Whatever she brings with her.

Ditch Digger on 04/15/15

Ditch Digger
Air date: 
Wed, 04/15/2015 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Whatever she brings with her.

Ditch Digger on 04/01/15

Ditch Digger
Air date: 
Wed, 04/01/2015 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Whatever she brings with her.

Ditch Digger on 03/18/15

Ditch Digger
Air date: 
Wed, 03/18/2015 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Whatever she brings with her.

Ditch Digger on 03/04/15

Ditch Digger
Air date: 
Wed, 03/04/2015 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Whatever she brings with her.

Ditch Digger on 02/18/15

Ditch Digger
Air date: 
Wed, 02/18/2015 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Whatever she brings with her.

Ditch Digger on 02/04/15

Ditch Digger
Air date: 
Wed, 02/04/2015 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Whatever she brings with her.

Dr Demento LIVE on KBOO!

Ditch Digger
Air date: 
Wed, 01/21/2015 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Dr Demento guest hosts
Dr Demento will take over the DJ Booth at KBOO, talking about his extensive career, playing some examples of the stuff he's famous for playing, and talking abou this upcoming lectures at Reed College.

Ditch Digger on 12/10/14

Ditch Digger
Air date: 
Wed, 12/10/2014 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Whatever she brings with her.


Dec 24th show

Ditch Digger
program date: 
Wed, 12/24/2014
  • Length: 118:08 minutes (162.22 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)


Ditch Digger playlist for 06/24/2015

Program name: 
Ditch Digger
Air date: 
Zebra StripesIntro '66
the High SpiritsIt's Alright With Me
ChobWe're Pretty Quick
GentlemenIt's A Cry'n Shame
The WigCrackin Up
Free ThinkersYou Were Born For me
The PlagueGo Away
the ContinetalsIm Gone
KleptonesShell Always be Mine
PandorasI Didn't Cry
MnM'sI'm Tired
Nikki & The CorvettesSummertime Fun
Riff RandallsM.O.
Les CalamatiesTeach How me To Shimmy
NomadsFrom Zero Down
The ShaklesWhizz #7
the PerilsHate
The DonshiresSad And Blue
Three From ThreeThat'swhat I Say
The GesturesRun Run Run
RamonasHe's the One
Skinned TeensNancy Drew
Spoiled BratsNo Go
Super ChargerTake A Hint
Coach Whipsthee Alarm
Thee HeadcoatsGirl From '62
RatsRadio Pulse
Neo BoysRunning In The Shadow
MutantsBaby No good
Jack NitzscheThe Last Race
Beau BrummelsStill In Love With You Baby
? & The Mysterians8 Teen
The SyndicatesThe Egyptian thing
Les thugsFemme Fatale
100 flowersFrom The Fire
Slow ChokeThe Karibische Western
The Rhythm KingsBlue Soul
Tuxedomoon19th Nervous Breakdown
Terry MaltsDon't
Taste FreewaySunny Day

Ditch Digger playlist for 06/10/2015

Program name: 
Ditch Digger
Air date: 
Zebra StripesIntro '66
Continental Co-EtsI Don't Love You Anymore
Thee HeadcoateesPretend
The ModsI Give You an Inch
The MarksmenMoonshine
The MidnitersWhittier Blvd
The Whyte BootsNightmare
Lesley GoreRun Bobby Run
CuponsTurn Her Down
Kip Tyler & The Flipsoh Yeah Baby
Jeanie, Jim tom, BillI Treat Em Bad
Los MatimaticosMe Atrapaste
the Goriesther But the Grace of God Go I
GuilloteensHey You
MorlocksBorn Loser
MummiesWhite Caps Pt 1
the DragsI Killed Rock N Roll
GauntNo Hope
Gogo'sHow Much More7"Stiff
SimpletonesTiger Beat Twist
the LastEvery Summer Day
The Bel-AirsSquirt
Aisler SetFire Engines
Grass WidowMilo
Man or AstromanItalion Movie Theme
Thee ShatnersStronger Than kirk
Pete DrakeRick-a=Shay
The BoysSoda Pressing
the Real KidsSolid Gold
Heart BreakersGet Off The Phone
The HidesDon't Be Difficult
Davie Jones And the King BeesLiza Jane
NomadsFromn Zero Down
The OutcastsI Didn't have to Love Her Anymore
the OccaisonalsSometimes
Spot BarnettSweet Meats
Sweet BabyAndorra
Onion Flavored RingsI'm an Idiot
Nation of UlyssesHickey Underground
Wynona CarrPlease Mr. Jailer
Jack Scottthe Way Walk

Ditch Digger playlist for 05/27/2015

Program name: 
Ditch Digger
Air date: 
Zebra StripesIntro '66
Free ThinkersYou Were Born For Me
Gino WashingtonOut Of This World
Bobby Long And His SatellitesMojo Workout
Big Brown & The GamblersMy Testment
Rita Chao & The QuestsHanky Panky
Johnny More And The New BlazersBullfrog
Bill Haley & His CometsHawk
5678'sTeenage Cleopatra
Kari LynnCleopatra
Nona RaeReal Kool Kitty
Chuck WillisWhatcha Gonna do When Your Baby Leaves You
Pancho Villa And The BaNDITSAint That Bad
Blue RondosLittle Baby
The Shangri-LasIt's Easier To Cry
The BittersweetsHurtin Kind
jacqueline TaiebLe Coer Au Bout Des Doigts
France GallAttends Ou Va-Ten
Cheap TrickElo Kiddies
Untold FablesI Try
KinksCome On Now
Tell Tale HeartsMy World Is Upside Down
Iggy And the StoogesShake Apeal
The Bad RoadsBlue Girl
Continental Co-EtsMedley Of Junk
MutantsLesson In Time
DEVOCome Back Jonee
TyvekGive It UP
Skull KonrolJesus Is Satan To Me
The FallPutta Block
Psychedelic FursPulse
BauhausAntonin Artaud
100 FlowersReJect Yourself
Fire EnginesCandyskin
The PheromoansThe Greasy Years
RaincoatsBlack & White
Delta 5Colour
Hot ButterPopcorn
Terry MaltsWhere's the Weekend

Ditch Digger playlist for 05/13/2015

Program name: 
Ditch Digger
Air date: 
Zebra StripesIntro '66
The BansheesPerfect Blue
the BellesCome Back
DelphineLa Fermeture - Eclaire
Real KidsBetter Be Good
The BeatRock N roll Girl
SimpletonesI Have A Date
WaspsTeenage Treats
GoriesDetroit Breakdown
Ramblin RebelsThe Lost Safari
5 6 7 8sI Was Teenage Cave Woman
Bill Halley and the CometsHawk
Doc Starkes & His Night RidersCider
Titus TurnerHungry Man
Lil AnnDeep Shadows
Screamin Jay HawkinsFrenzy
RezillosFlying Saucer Attack
The CrampsSave It
Les CalamatiesToutes A la Nuit
A Linesfour
ObliviansBad Man
Fatal MicrobesCry BaBY

Ditch Digger playlist for 04/29/2015

Program name: 
Ditch Digger
Air date: 
Zebra StripesIntro '66
It's All MeatFeel It
OutcastsI Didn't Have To Love Her Anymore
The LastLooking At You
Stiv BatorsCircumstantial Evidence
Pretty ThingsHoney I Need
Bucaneer'sYou're Never Gonna Love Me Anymore
CrampsHuman Fly
Dream Syndicatethat's What You Always Say
Tale Tale HeartsMy World Upside Down
A-LinesOne Day
The BellesCome Back
Lil AnnSweep Out In the Shed
Vernon Green And The MedalliionsA Loner's Prayer
The Sound OffsThe Desert Wind
The Rhythm KingsBlue Soul
Johnny And The New BlazersBullfrog
Jay BlueGet Off My Back
Restless KnightsMedley
The MG & The EscortsA Someday Fool
The EsquiresSadie's Ways
Armitage ShankGrass Is Always Greener
Neon HeartsRegulations
Red KrossBurn Out
ReatardsIm Gonna Break Dwopn
RondellesShanghai Surprise
Super ChargerI Took A Ride
JetsonsSuicidal Tendencies
Social DistortionRude Boy
ZerosHand grenade Heart
Thee HeadcoatsAgain And Again
The VIPsShe's So Good
The RatsDefiance
Neo BoysRich Man Dreams
Beat HappeningHot Chocolate Boy
Wedding PresentKennedy
Henry's DressDefinitely Nothing
Shangri-LasIt's Easier to Cry
Jacqueline Taieb7Am
Ellaine And The ShandellsTell Me that You Care
KinksNothing In This World Can Stop

Ditch Digger playlist for 04/15/2015

Program name: 
Ditch Digger
Air date: 
THE RAMONESI Don't Wanna Walk Around You
"Today Your Love Tomorrow The World
"The KKK Took My Baby Away
"It's Long Way BaCK
"Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
"Suzy Is A Headbanger
"Judy Is A Punk
"Sheena Is A punk Rocker
"Chain Saw
"Beat On The Brat
"Teenage Lobotomy
"I Don't Wanna Go Dwon To the BaSEMENT
"53RD & 3RD
"i wANNA bE wELL
jOEY & hOLLYpArty Line
THE RAMONESdo You Remember Rock N roll
"She's the One
"Go Mental
"You're Gonna Kill That Girl
"Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
"I Don't Care
"Don't Worry About Me
"Howlin At the Moon

Ditch Digger playlist for 01/07/2015

Program name: 
Ditch Digger
Air date: 
Zebra SripesIntro '66
The RatsRadio Pulse
OmensGirl Get Away
V.I.P.'sShe's So Good
NervesWhen You Find Out
ZerosBeat Your Heart Out
EsquiresSadies Ways
Les PrincessesOh! Dis Moi
Jacquiline Taeb7am
The WhoMy Generation
CherNeedles and Pins
Kamala & The KarnivoresBack To Bodie
Alley CatsToo Much Junk
JetsonsSuicidal Tendencies
Mystery TrioWillie JoeSix Feet UnderBig Wedge
Corky JonesRhythm & Booze
Electro TonesGhost Train
The MoontrekkersNight Of The Vampire
Les ThugsFemme Fetale
Thee HeadcoatsGirl From '62
Team MatesMovin' Out
Yetti MenBreak Time
Little AnnDeep Shadow
Shirley Gunter & the QueensOop Shoop7"Flair
ValentinesThat's It Man7"King
Mister RuffinsBring it On BackStompin' #3Stompin
Count Basie With Joe Williams vocalsRoll 'Em Pete7"Clef Records
Albert Ammons W/ Pete JohnsonBoogie Woogie JumpEncylopedia of Recorded JazzRCA
Bix BeiderbeckeBarnacle Bill The SailorEncyclopedia of Recorded JazzRCA
Peggy LeeMe And My Shadow7"Capital Records
The Sound OffsThe Angry Desert
Lionel Belasco's OrchestraRoses of Caracas Waltz
ShangrilasIt's Easier To Cry
RondellesRevenge7"K Records
The PeppersYoko Hoko Hama
Nancy SitHanky Panky
CriterionsIsland Fever
John LeytonJohnny Remember Me
Yma SumacDance Of The Moon Festival7"Capital Records
Grass WidowMilo7"HLR
Terry MaltsHidden Bay
FM KnivesValentine7"Dirt Nap
X (Australia)Dip StickX-aspirationNow Records
PlugzAchin'7"Fatima Records

Ditch Digger playlist for 11/26/2014

Program name: 
Ditch Digger
Air date: 
Zebra StripesIntro '66
The KinksSet Me Free
PandorasI Didn't Cry
The Gee TeesDog
The MarksmenMoonshine
Denise & Co.Take Me As I Am
Soul Inc.You Better Get A Move On
Jack ScottThe Way I Walk
The Continental Co-etsMedley Of Junk
The PremiersShawnee
The ZirconsBullfrog
Bo DiddleyNursery Rhyme
Danny DellFroggy Went a Courtin
Johnny KightRock N Roll Guitar
CrampsSave It
Johnny BuckettLet Me Play With Your Poodle
Link WrayRumble
Billy Lane QuintetThe New Night Train
The NightridersLooking For My Baby
The ShoelacesThe Work Song
Syl JohnsonThis Heart Of Mine
Bobby Long And His SatellitesMojo Workout
BuzzcocksTear Me Up
BuzzcocksWhat Do I Get
BuzzcocksLove Battery
The CalamitiesMalhabile
The RondellesDistraction
The Aislers SetLong Divison
Dum Dum GirlsJail La La
The Dream SyndicateSome Kind Of Itch
The FallRebellious Juke Box
The CarpettesSmall Wonder
Armitage ShankFar From Boring
The EyesTAQN
BoysTeacher's Pet
Hunx And His PunxTonite Tonite
The BratStarry Night
AdvertsNo Time To Be 21
The ModsI Give You An Inch
DamnedNoise Noise Noise

Ditch Digger playlist for 11/12/2014

Program name: 
Ditch Digger
Air date: 
Zebra StripesIntro '66Battle Of The Garages Vol. 3Voxx Records
The BellesCome BackGirls In The Garage Vol1Romulan
The PandorasMelvinBattle Of The Garages Vol. 3Voxx Records
The RamonasRun Run RunOut Of The BasementDetour Records
Thee HeadcoateesBaby PleaseHave Love Will TravelVinyl Japan
The Kiss OffsHorrible Shocking TruthGoodbye Private LifePeek-A-Boo Records
B52sGive Me Back My ManWild PlanetWarner Brothers
The RezillosTop Of the PopsCan't Stand The RezillosTalenti Dischi
Delta 5Colour7"Rough Trade
Gang of FourDamaged GoodsEntertainmentWarner Brothers
FlowersCriminal WasteEarcom1Fast Records
Fatal MicrobesBeautiful Pictures7"Small Wonder Records
Au PairsYou7"021 Records
In CameraDie Laughing7"4AD
Tuxedomoon59 to 1Half MuteRalph Records
The ResidentsKaw-Liga7"Torso
Danny Bell & The Bell HopsChili With HoneyFrolic Diner Vol 2Romulan
Duane EddyGidget Goes Hawaiian7"Jaime Records
CriterionsIsland FeverFrolic Diner Vol 2Romulan
MartinisHung OverButt Shakers #5Mr. Luckee Records
The LancersThe MoocherFrolic Diner Vol 2Romulan
The AquanautsRumble On The DocksSurfer's Mood #2Romulan
Black MagicSurfin Gypsy '63Java Java Indonesia Screaming Fuzz #1Nosmokercecords
Doctor Ross and The OrbitsCat Squirrel7"Northwood Records
The DragsI Like To Die45x3Empty Records
TranzmitorsIt's Not Your Call7"Dirtnap
Real KidsJust Like DartsThe Real KidsNorton Records
Little AnnDeep ShadowsDeep ShadowsTimmion Records
Charles BradleyChanges7"Dunham
Small FacesOne Night StandSmall Faces4 Men With Beards
Ellaine & The ShandellsTell Me That You CareGirls In The Garage #6Romulan
BittersweetsHurtin KindGirls In The Garage Vol 1Romulan
Beat HappeningIndian SummerJamboreeK Records
Alternative TelevisionViva La Rock'n'RollThe Image Has CrackedGet Back
France GallAttends Ou Va-t'enTres Chic! More French Girls Sings Of The 60'sAce Records
Grass WidowSpock On MUNIInternal LogicHLR
MutantsLesson in TimeFun TerminalMutiny Shadow International
Tubeway ArmyBombers7"Beggars Banquet Records
The EyesDon't Talk To MeWhat Stuff CompIloki Records
Saccharine TrustA Human CertaintyPagan IconsSST

Ditch Digger playlist for 10/29/2014

Program name: 
Ditch Digger
Air date: 
Zebra SripesIntro '66
The CrampsI Was A Teenage Werewolf
The Gories6 Cold Feet
Freddie & The HikersSinners
Carlos CasalDon't Meet Mr. Frankenstein
5678'sHighschool Witch
Gary WarrenWerewolf
Screamin Jay HawkinsI Put A Spell On You
Jack HammerBlack Widow Spider Woman
Gary Spider Webbthe Cave Part 1
David BowiePlease Mr. Gravedigger
The Sonicsthe Witch
MorlocksOne Way Ticket
Shonen KnifeDevil's House
Famous MonstersBlood Of Frankenstein
Gravedigger 5Spooky
The CavemenTrash
The JonesesGraveyard Rock
Flesh EatersSee You In the Boneyard
The Gun ClubGhost On The Highway
45 GraveEvil
Victory AcresWings Of Satan
Siouxie and the BansheesCarcass
Modern EnglishJust A Thought
Teenage Jesus and the JerksOrphans
Part 1Corpse
Sonic YouthInhuman
The FalllFrightened
Sex BeatSex Beat
Alien Sex FiendGurl At The End Of My Gun
Christian DeathDogs
BauhausStigmata Martyr
Poison GirlsReality Attack
OpalHappy Nightmare Baby
TelevisionMarquee Moon


Last weeks program (5/12)...

Can you please upload the track list for the show that aired on 5/12/10 (or 5/13 if you wanna get technical)? It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear at that point in time. Your show is awesome. Thanks!

Rockin' Good Time...

 And ditto what anonymous said on 05/22/2010 about your 09/02/2010 show, a track list would be a beautiful thing indeed. Cheers !

This show is great

'I was up last night unable to sleep and I heard your show.

I love itttt.

You have great musical tastes


and you sound very cute.




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