KBOO Media Sponsorships

KBOO Community Radio is very happy to discuss a potential Media Sponsorship of your event with you.

KBOO considers Media Sponsorships based on the event and the organization's alignment with the mission of KBOO, the potential benefit to KBOO, as well as the availability of KBOO resources.

If KBOO Sponsors your event we are doing this as an in-kind donation. We agree to promote your event — on-air, through our website, in our e-newsletter and via social media — in exchange for promotion of KBOO in conjunction with / and at the event.

Please note: There are no cash sponsorships available.

Due to the extremely high level of demand for KBOO's media sponsorship, we will not be able to approve every request received. If there is a tight deadline, you may not be eligible for all sponsorship benefits listed.

If your application for KBOO Media Sponsorship is approved, you will be notified and sent an agreement for signature, as well as a digital KBOO logo.

If KBOO becomes a Media Sponsor for your event, KBOO would agree to the following:

  1. KBOO will create and air an on-air announcement of the event (using FCC and IRS guidelines).
  2. KBOO may create a graphic box (and will create a text link) on the front page, linking to a page we create on our website, with a description of your event, and a link back to your website. We will use search engine optimization to ensure highest possible visibility for your event.
  3. KBOO will include the event in our social networking sites, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  4. KBOO may be able to interview organizers about the event on-air, prior to the event, depending on our schedule.
  5. KBOO may be able to include a description in our e-newsletter, distributed to 4,600 addresses, depending on deadlines.

In return, we require your organization to provide the following:

  1. Our logo on any advertising or promotional material, including flyers, programs, print ads, website or email announcements.
  2. An opportunity for a KBOO representative to speak for one minute at the event or to have a KBOO personality introduce or announce at the event.
  3. KBOO banner and printed materials at the event.
  4. If appropriate, a table in prime location at the venue- including access to the event for at least two volunteers.

Thank you! KBOO looks forward to partnering with you and helping to facilitate the success of your event.

For more information and the application for a copsonsorship, contact Ani Haines, 503. 231. 8032 x213 or volunteer [at] kboo.org

  1 2 3

MOU signed with information & graphics

30 days in advance of event 15 days in advance of event less than 15 days in advance of event

audio spot

30 second
4x a day
10 days
value: $3200
30 second
2x a day
5 days
value: $1100
less than 30 seconds
1x a day
3 days
value: $500

social media

TWITTER: repost all
FACEBOOK: favorite your fan page, repost all, 14 days, specific strategy
value: $500
TWITTER & FACEBOOK: favorite your fan page, repost 1 item for 5 days
value: $250
TWITTER & FACEBOOK: favorite your fan page, repost 1 item
value: $100


yes, pending timing
value: $750
yes, pending timing
value: $750



full info page on Kboo.fm with more than 250 words, graphics and links
sidebar ad, quarantee placement, 14 days
value: $2000
shorter info page on Kboo.fm with less than 250 words
sidebar ad & text link, 5 days
value: $1000
text link only
value: $250


will actively pursue interview/music preview
value: $5000
possible interview/music preview
value: $500

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