Bridget B's Last Show

 Wow, what a ride. This listener touched my heart so I'll start with his edited words:

Hey Bridget!
     Great show last night (2/13/10).  I just wanna let you know that I really enjoyed hanging out with you on all those Saturday nights, enjoying your artistry (This is Halloween! This is Halloween!).  You have served the diaspora well and I thank you, and God will bless you for that.  We need people like you, people of excellence and beauty who will share their gifts to a demographic that really needs it and appreciates it. We need more sistas like you in the trenches...
     I love you sista girl.  You have a beautiful and generous spirit that permeates through the airwaves.  I hope your new venture works out for you and I hope you can find a similar way to help and fellowship with your people wherever you wind up. 
    Peace and blessings ~ Mark

When I first started this musical journey after a three year stint on Bread & Roses, I didn't really know how best to deliver the music or how best to communicate with people you don't actually see.  I discovered that there is indeed messages in the music so I allowed the music to speak for me.  In the process, I discovered that I could deliver new music that people may not have ever heard before while still delivering impactful insight to what was happening in the community locally and around the world.  My travels turned into a platform that shaped some of my shows.

Now that I'm leaving Portland and the state of Oregon to return to a more diverse community in the Southeast, I am excited to find opportunities in which I can communicate this kind of a music not only to the community at large, but to the world community through internet radio and podcasting efforts that I am putting in place.  If you're interested in staying connected to the soul community that I created while on An Evening of Afrotainment send me your email and I'll add you to the already growing list of people who want to stay connected.

Thank you Mark and thank you to the people who helped me a long the way at KBOO - you know who you are.  A special thanks goes out to J J Johnson who allowed me to conjure up enough courage to open my mouth while on the mic.  Thanks to Yugen, Shaheed, Firefly,  Daniel, Chris and others who helped me shape the programming especially all the listeners who made requests, sent in music, called to say hello and just plain listened to the show.  An extra special thank you must go out to Ms. Diva - Celeste Carey who allowed me to join the musical format that is An Evening of Afrotainment.  There were a few bumps along the way and I thank Celeste for her patience and guidance throughout my term as her co-host.  Without her help I would never have been able to deliver those messages in the music.

Saturday, February 27 is my last show and to all who will read this blog post and to all who will be listening stay well, stay strong and always consider the possibilities that life has to offer.

Bridget B.


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