2009 Board of Directors Election


The 2009 KBOO Board of Directors Elections are here.  There have been two live candidate forums, which are available online to listen to if you missed them. 

1st Candidate Forum | 2nd Candidate Forum

More information is available on our Governance page.  If you are craving more discussion of the candidates and issues, here is a place online to ask questions and toss out opinions about who will be seated on the Board (just click on Add new comment at the bottom.)

Ballots are due to be received by mail in the envelope provided with the ballots by 5:00 pm Friday September 25 or in person by 2 pm at the KBOO Annual Meeting Saturday September 26 at Liberty Hall.


The votes were tallied and

The votes were tallied and Judy Fiestal, Maire Cullen, Michael Papadapoulos and Marty  Soehrman were elected to 3-year terms on the board. 




I'm sorry for interrupting Scott Forrester's address in an indecorous manner.  Everyone else was so good at remaining gracious under pressure.


The next step is to schedule the new board's first meeting in October.  We have to  figure out what happened with Marty's membership, deal with the fact that we can't have 3 non-citizens on the board and elect officers.


After all of the criticisms about the availability of meeting minutes, we need a good Secretary.

Board Membership

Hello Becky, and KBOO Board,

My main concern is how can Michael Popadopolus be allowed to be seated when he is suing the station? I hope that the Board is working with attorneys to prevent this person from harming the station even more than he already has.

Grace Hague

Board Elections and Seating of Officers


Since over 300 members decided to elect Michael to the board, he should be seated. And you have it wrong. Michael is NOT suing KBOO, he is individually suing the 2008 board of directors. Enough people must have understood his reasons for that and decided that he was not suing to HARM KBOO. Unfortunately many at KBOOers are repeating that mantra.


Informed electorat matters....

Grace, it sounds like you are anti-electorate.  Can you clarify how you are not being anti-kboo by saying this?


Omitted comments....

And, Becky, do you think it would help KBOO if you didn't omitt a total of seven inter-related comments from the February special meeting---covering several distinct issues, and involving a total of three people?

One omission of one issue is bad enough, but don't you think that seven comments and three people could possibly be extraordinary?

This is just what I noticed.......and if I noticed this much, then the goddess only knows how much is really missing from what people like you are calling the "official" record.....


Chance for Members to Meet the Candidates

This Saturday September 12, after the KBOO Book and Record Sale, from 4-6 pm  I'm hosting a reception at my place for candidates and voters to meet informally before the Annual Meeting.

My address is 2105 NE Everett #4.

Hopefully some of the candidates will be able to make it.


I will be there as

I will be there as well.




RE: Chance for Members to Meet the Candidates

I'll be there, Becky. Thank you for hosting the reception!



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