On the Old Mole Dec 8, 2008, Jan Haaken and I discuss Milk, The Times of Harvey Milk, the Briggs Initiative, Proposition 8, solidarity and political activism.

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and PZ Myers on impolite politics:

"Try reading the literature of the feminist pioneers. They weren't just rude, they were howling at injustice, they were breaking deep social mores, and they were abused, despised, and imprisoned for it — and they still are. Jebus. You think all women had to do to get recognition of their basic rights was to be polite? You think they got the right to vote by asking nicely? That soft voices and meekness are the answers? . . . .  Every social movement — and I'd add the labor movement and the struggle for civil rights as equally strong examples — that tries to break the bonds of mindless convention and tradition and that defies established privilege gets accused of being rude and worse, much worse, and there are always weak apologists for the status quo who use that pathetic etiquette excuse to try and silence the revolutionaries. Successful revolutionaries ignore the admonitions about which fork to use for their salad because they care only to grab the steak knife as they launch themselves over the table."


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