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Wed, 10/09/2019 - 10:00am to 11:00am
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Imagine our nation where Identity Consumers far outnumber Identity Citizens having demanded that our broadcast airwaves retain at least one national network insulated from corporate caputure via advertising or underwriting and whose charter was to serve educational purposes in the Public Interest.

In that parallel US, a public broadcasting multi-market merchandising phenomenon like Ken Burns and the PBS\NPR broadcast series on the Civil War, or Jazz, or Country Music, or the Vietnam War or Baseball would be as obscure as a true indie documentary artist like Charles Burnett:

The Charles Burnett whose indie films like his early 1970's South Central L.A. set and black\white shot KILLER OF SHEEP was barely released in 1978 after he submitted it as his MFA thesis project at UCLA's film school in 1977. The new documentary project Burnett has co-directed on a subject barely broached in our nation's journalistic history is at this point in the time of our nation's decline captured lightning in a bottle. Namely, how activists desegregated Healthcare in the US (including the northern states) and resurrected Harry Truman's attempt to do so after WW II with MediCare, a socialized service that the Nuclear and Cold Warrior President fought hard to make a reality in the 1950's and that was voted down most strenuously and derided most viciously in political campaigns by his own DixiCrat Democratic Party majority of the House of Reps.

This is what FLASHPOINTS RADIO broadcast out of KPFA (the Pacifica Community Radio station based in the Bay Area) for their fundraising week specials airing these audio tracks from the forthcoming film earlier this month. While crisis-riven KBOO community radio blessedly chose to air it today, but can't post the audio archive so better to listen on KPFA's website:

The forthcoming film documentary co-directed by Charles Burnett is being independently produced and distributed by this company. Learn about their mission. It is what we've been denied compared with our neighbors to the north in the truly Public Interest oriented Canadian Broadcasting Corp. Except whereas the CBC mostly produces and distributes programming that can't compete in ratings with U.S. weapons of mass distraction, Bullfrog Communities produces and distributes films and TV investigative series that fill the genocidal gaps in our nation's educational curricula and historical record. That U.S. would reflect far different political, socio-economic and mental\physical health policies and outcomes...:

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