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Fri, 06/28/2019 - 10:00am to 10:30am
Carey Theil, of Grey2kUSA-Worldwide
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rescued greyhound Brooklyn
Interview with Carey Theil, Executive Director & Co-founder of Grey2USA-Worldwide about how his organization is ending greyhound racing.



Host Dab Steadman will be talking with Carey Theil,  Co-founder & Executive Director of Grey2KUSA-Worldwide,  an organization dedicated to ending the cruelty of dog racing both in the States and abroad.  Since 2001, Carey has worked tirelessly for this cause-   authoring hundreds of articles and testifying before legislative committees for stronger protection laws for greyhounds. His organization has also been active in greyhound rescue and adoption.  Carey and his wife, co-founder Christine Dorchak,  have rightfully become the “Go To” experts for activists in the field of dog racing.

 Grey2kUSA-Worldwide has achieved much since 2001... as one dog track after another has closed under Carey’s leadership.  You will hear about the many problems inherent to commercial dog racing and how this organization has been intervening to stop them by protecting the greyhounds and closing down race tracks. 


For more information about Grey2kUSA-Worldwide, visit them on Facebook or at their website at: .   You can email to:  info   .








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