Immigration: Ethics and Philosophy

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Mon, 04/08/2019 - 9:00am to 9:30am
Recording Episode 11
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America is a nation founded by immigrants, exiles escaping religious persecution and fleeing violence and poverty. This episode covers the nature of humans as migratory species; the history immigration and nation states; and US immigration, especially myths about immigrants and the economy, immigration policies under Presidents Obama and Trump, Dreamers, DACA, and family separations. The latter phenomenon, a national disgrace, has resulted in widespread international condemnation and weakened our already tenuous position as a moral force in international politics. Our treatment of immigrants, especially those seeking asylum and their children, must change. This is not a political issue, but a moral and ethical issue, which I explore with my guest, Alex Sager, PhD, Chair of the Philosophy Department at Portland State University. He has published widely on the social and political philosophy of migration and is the author of a recent book, Toward a Cosmopolitan Ethics of Mobility: The Migrant's Eye View of the World.