Interview with Claudia F. Savage

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Mon, 06/26/2017 - 10:00pm to 11:00pm

Claudia F. Savage is one-half of the performance duo Thick in the Throat, Honey and co-runs the forthcoming music-poetry label Thrum Recordings.  Her collaboration with Detroit artist Jacklyn Brickman, reductions, about motherhood and ephemerality, will be exhibited November 2017 in Chicago.  Claudia's poems, essays, and interviews are published in several journals - look for Drunken Boat/Anomaly, interviews with Arab-American poets in her series, “Witness the Hour.”  Her new poetry collection is Bruising Continents (published in May, 2017).  Before that addition, her work included The Last One Eaten: A Maligned Vegetable's History, and, with three other poets, The Hour of Anjali.  She’s been given awards by Jentel, Ucross, The Atlantic Center for the Arts, and Oregon's RACC.  Claudia lives with her husband and daughter in Portland.  Check out her website:

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