Universal Health Care Advocate T.R. Reid on Health Care around the World and in Oregon


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Mon, 08/10/2015 - 11:30am to 12:00pm
TR Reid, advocate for universal health care, is interviewed by Roberta Hall

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TR Reid is a Washington Post reporter and bureau chief who became an advocate for universal health care after living abroad in countries which provide health care to all residents. He came to realize that the significant link among the various excellent and unique health care systems is the moral commitment that these countries feel toward their people. He wants the US to do the same.

Reid's work on the book "The Healing of America” was the basis for a popular PBS film “Sick Around the World,” followed by "US Health Care: the Good News."

Reid chairs the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care that is planning an initiative to achieve universal coverage for all residents. He has challenged Oregon to a contest in which whoever is first in achieving universal care will benefit the other.

Host Roberta Hall spent July 25th with TR Reid as part of his whirlwind 6-day tour of Oregon that involved about 10 public appearances to packed audiences. She recorded this conversation with him for KBOO. 
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