Beyond ThunderDrone: It's Raining Racism

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Thu, 06/07/2012 - 12:00am
Interviews with Medea Benjamin and Junaid Ahmad plus Mayor Adam's Police Union letter in full

Look! Up in the Sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! ... It's America bringing Democracy to the far corners of a round planet.

War is great for the economy - currently flat on its enormous arse - and the kids love it because they get to shoot real guns and kill different colored eople who don't believe in Jesus as their Personal Savior. But sometimes it is a tremendous hassle fraught with danger just getting closee enough to these people to kill them.  Even with fighter jets.  So American know-how and canny innovation looked at a few hobbyist websites and came up with the idea that maybe, just maybe it was possible to build a remote-controlled airplane like the one cousin  Billy Bob Floyd got for Xmas - only this one would be a little bigger.  Big enough to carry a payload capable of wiping out a small village in Waziristan, donkeys and all.

How about a:

    * ScanEagle, anayone?  It's combat-proven- over 550,000 combat flight hours since 2004.  That's a lot of shit-scared villagers and dead "militant"  (The "militants" are the dead ones.  That's how you tell which ones were terrorists)

    * Or perhaps you still have a day job (unlike most Americans...'nother story) The NightEagle turns night into day-mission-critical mid-wave infrared technology delivered to the warfighter ahead of schedule.  That last bit could come as a nasty surprise so be sure someone - peferably not you - is home between 9 and noon and noon to five.

    * They called you what?  A 'racist'? Those dogs!  Show them you are all about the Multi-Culti thing and armor-up with the Integrator. It's the Navy's new program of record-robust payload integration capabilities with interoperable ground support equipment

    *  And best of all, the Fight em there, fight em here...It's all the same when you got an Inceptor in your pocket and you know how to use it.  This small unmanned helicopter system, flies under the wire to give first responders time-critical situational awareness as events unfold in urban environments.

Outstanding, Soldier!  - Or whoever the hell you are...

All of this and more is available just up the river and a little to thee north in Bingen, Washington at 'Insitu'.  The name says it all.  I tried to get them tto talk to us today but their phone was disconnected...


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