If a Tree Falls in Tasmania? & Playing 'Medical Chairs': When the Music Stops...

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Mon, 09/13/2010 - 12:00am
Interviews with David Rosenfeld on Health Ins. Exchanges & Dr. Glenn Barry: winning one for forests

Whatever else the federal health reform law accomplishes, one thing is certain:  Insurance companies will take their experience and your money and turn it into your experience and their money.  The only reason the legislation passed was because Republicans owed the medical insurance industry certain  ‘favors’ for getting them elected.  That’s where it stands.  A lot of the details were left open to interpretation and the interpretation was left to individual states.  The Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Health Policy Board are holding three more community meetings this month.  The objective is together public input, sort of like taking the public’s vital signs, on the Health Insurance Exchange program. 

Portland’s meeting takes place tonight.  [6 – 8 pm at University Place, Columbia Falls Room, 310 SW Lincoln Street].  Then the circus rolls through Medford on the 15th, and Bend the following day, September 16th.  And we all know what the circus produces:  Elephant shit.  Some donkey shit…but mostly it’s the elephants’ fecal calling card.  The thing is Obama’s attempt to rein in health insurance costs, the waste, the fraud, the fucking paperwork, has created a golem that no one is pleased with – except Republicans, of course.  For their purposes this is ‘The Perfect Storm’.”One man’s medicine is another man’s poison…