2021 Artist in Residence Applications Available

Close up of red and white potentiometers on a soundboard with overlaying text that reads "kboo's artist in residence program"
Published date: 
Tuesday, January 26, 2021 - 6:46am


The KBOO Community Radio Artist In Residence Program assists artists working creatively with sound. Every year, one artist or one collaborative group of artists will be awarded twenty hours of studio recording*** and production time with a KBOO Mixologist in order to create a piece of sound art that will be publicly presented at the end of the Residency.

***Due to COVID19, studio recording time may be limited or not available. KBOO is currently closed to all non-essential in-studio activity and we do not yet have an anticipated date for re-opening. The public presentation may need to be limited to a virtual format only depending on health and safety measures. Applicants should submit proposals that do not depend on using KBOO studios or having an in-person public presentation. KBOO has audio equipment available to lend for field/home production of the project. 

The Artist in Residence Program is open to artists of all disciplines whose project proposals include sound as a major component.

The goals of the KBOO Artist Support Program are to support and invest in individuals who are pushing themselves artistically using sound, whose work will impact the cultural landscape of Portland, and to bring those artists into the dynamic KBOO community of local, national, and international artists and activists.

Artist in Residence Program Eligibility
The KBOO Artists in Residence program is open to non-student artists residing in the the Portland Metro Area of any age, discipline, or background.

Current KBOO Community Radio staff, interns, board members, or their immediate family may not apply. Artists who have previously participated in the Artist Support Program must wait 2 years before being eligible to apply again.

Artist in Residence Program Selection Criteria
Panelists will base their selections upon artistic need for resources and support,  the artistic merit of the proposed project; the feasibility of the proposed project; the quality of the work represented in the work samples provided by the applicant; the readiness to engage with the KBOO Community; and the response of the panelists to the applicant’s proposal/work in comparison to the other submissions received.

Artist in Residence Program Selection Process
KBOO Staff Member will review proposals to determine eligibility and clarity of application

A three person panel will review and rate proposals according to review criteria. Panels will be made up of a cross section of KBOO Volunteers and members of the arts community who have experience with KBOO or are sound artists of some kind. Panel reviews will not be open to the public.


Artist in Residence Program Timeline
Deadline for Applications: April 7, 2021 5pm
All applicants will be notified by: May 12, 2021
Meet and Greet with 2021 AIR: June 2021
AIR Term: June - Sept 2021
Public Performance of work created during KBOO AIR Oct: Nov 2021
Optional: Participate in the selection of the 2022 KBOO AIR: March - May 2022


Terms of Residence

-create a piece of sound art that can stand alone on the KBOO website and be played and/or performed at a public event
-create the art in a 4 month period
-help promote KBOO AIR Program
-provide material for posting on KBOO website, in Member Bulletin, and social media
-comply with KBOO volunteer rules
-acknowledge support of KBOO in all printed materials that incorporate this sound art. KBOO logos will be provided.
-take the lead on setting up the public event
-Participate in the selection of the 2022 KBOO Artist in Residence

-provide 20 hours mixologist time
-provide 20 hours studio time if possible*** (currently not possible due to COVID19) or provide available audio equipment for home production use
-provide staff support
-include an artist interview on the air, and facilitate other KBOO promotional opportunities
-help the artist set up public event


To apply, fill out the KBOO Artist in Residence 2021 application form.

Questions? Contact our Program Director at program [at] kboo [dot] org