KBOO is Hiring: Morning News and Public Affairs Director

Published date: 
Saturday, June 8, 2019 - 2:05pm

KBOO Community Radio

Department:  Programming              


Job Title:  Morning News and Public Affairs Director    

Reports to: Station Manager

Employment Status:  Exempt

Hours:  40 hrs. per week

Positions Supervised:  Volunteers

Revised: June 2019


General Description:  To coordinate all morning public affairs programming, ensuring that it is consistent with the KBOO programming charter.  To work with the PM News and Public Affairs Director and the Program Director to ensure quality and continuity of programming.  To train volunteers in public affairs programming skills.



Send your cover letter and resume to the email address amnewshiring@kboo.org or bring your resume with cover letter to: 20 SE 8th, Portland, Oregon 97214. In the cover letter please answer the questions: “Why is KBOO important" and "how does collaboration play into our community work?”  Interviews will begin early July 2019.

Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity

KBOO Community Radio is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer. Women and people of color are encouraged to apply. Our organization does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, color, sex, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, class, creed, physical or mental disability.


  • Experience in radio public affairs production, including news reports, interviews and features, preferably in community or public radio.
  • Experience in training production, interviewing, editing, show organization, etc.
  • Experience motivating and guiding volunteers in the carrying out of a programming charter.
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Excellent Computer skills, including website and digital recording and editing skills.
  • Ability to understand and assess important local, regional, and national issues for different levels of coverage.
  • Ability to work well under pressure and without direct supervision.
  • Ability to work closely with the Evening News and PA director, and with a wide variety of people in a multicultural, cooperative, progressive organization.
  • Ability to work flexible hours as necessary.
  • Ability to speak second language preferred.


Essential Functions


  • Coordinate morning public affairs and news programming. Assist Evening News and Public Affairs Director with local news programming.  Work closely with Evening News and Public Affairs Director and the Program Director to decide on special programming, such as hearings, theme days, etc.
  • Work with the Evening News and Public Affairs Director and Volunteer Coordinator to recruit volunteers and conduct regular training sessions in public affairs skills.  Conduct individual training sessions as appropriate.
  • Supervise and assist morning public affairs volunteers.
  • Identify and address institutional and individual acts of oppression at KBOO. Ensure there is interruption of the oppression, follow-up and support for those impacted as well as documentation/record keeping of the incident.
  • Evaluate morning news & public affairs programmers regularly and as needed.
  • Schedule substitutes or fill in as necessary for morning news and public affairs volunteers.
  • Work closely with Evening News and Public Affairs Director to assign news and PA volunteers to cover issues and events, do field recordings, interviews, reviews, commentary, etc.  
  • Receive and respond to requests from individuals, organizations and others with ideas for interviews, lectures, field recordings, specials and other programming
  • Work with the volunteer coordinator to find opportunities for on air-interviews for co-sponsorship participants.
  • Ensure all morning news and PA programming is consistent with the KBOO programming charter.
  • Serve on Programming Advisory Committee.
  • Work to implement KBOO’s Affirmative Action plan.
  • Assist the Evening News and Public Affairs Director and Program Director with other activities as necessary.
  • Inform KBOO audience and general public about morning public affairs programming through  on air promos,articles, press releases, , etc.
  • Participate in volunteer training in cooperation with other staff.
  • Assist with  Membership drive as necessary. Assist volunteer hosts and programmers with Membership drive.
  • Attend Staff and Program Operating Team meetings.
  • Promote AM-PA programming on website and social media
  • Other duties as assigned.



This is a full-time position with a starting salary $15.11 an hour. The employee shall be eligible for annual step increases subject to conditions in KBOO Collectively Bargained Agreement.


Probationary Period

KBOO is a union shop and all (non management) staff are members of Communications Workers of America (CWA)- Local 7901. Any person hired will be required to join and pay dues to CWA Local 7901 after 90 days. There is a six-month probationary period. This period is not to be construed as a contract.



Benefits include medical and dental coverage, disability and life insurance, and credit union eligibility. This position also offers paid vacation, sick leave, and 11 paid holidays per year, in accordance with KBOO’s Collective Bargaining Agreement. FSLA-exempt employees receive paid compensatory time off.  Eligibility for the pension plan is one year after the date of hire.


Working Conditions


KBOO is a strong promoter of locally produced programming.  The Morning Public Affairs Director directs 5 hours of public affairs programming, from  7:00 am to noon, Monday through Friday. Many volunteers per week are under their supervision.  You must be able to supervise and critique volunteers, and must be able to say no to people who fail to meet department requirements. KBOO has regular membership drives.  The job will require planning public affairs specials as fundraisers and extra working hours to assist the drive as necessary. The atmosphere is hectic and stimulating. The ability to work in this kind of environment is essential.


Workplace expectations at KBOO radio include: effective verbal and written communications; conflict de-escalation; skillful volunteer relations and utilization; capable project management; work-area organization; response to phone calls and  emails; teamwork and cooperation with other employees, volunteers, and Board members; furtherance of KBOO mission, goals and values; meeting attendance and participation; capable departmental budgeting; and punctuality.


Equipment Used

Computer, voicemail, copier, fax, recording studio and air room equipment.


Non-discrimination & Equal Opportunity

KBOO Community Radio is an equal opportunity employer. Our organization does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, color, sex, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, class, gender identity, creed, physical or mental disability.