August Board Meeting Agenda


Please note that the August Board Meeting will start with a closed session.  Members of the public wishing to make address the board should plan accordingly.  Thanks.


The preliminary agenda can be found here:


KBOO Board Meeting Announcements


Is there a way that future postings such as this be posted in the "Governance" section of the site?  I think most people looking for Board-related announcements are not expecting to find these in individuals' blogs.  I did not know about this until I showed up tonight for the meeting!



annual meeeting

Not since KBOO was on the point of disaffiliating from Pacifica a decade or so ago has there been a quorum at KBOO's annual meeting. What entertainment is planned for this 2010 annual meeting, to encourage attendance-- or does KBOO's leadership care?   The absence of quorum  long predates the drop in membership and membership recruitment   What  does the board propose to do about THAT?


secret agenda?!

Why isn't there a time limit on the staff reports?  I thought you guys were really picky about time limits....

Please disclose the secret agenda you propose to discuss in your proposed "closed session" after the meeting.

Secret Agenda?

I think that you may be misunderstanding the role of a Board of Directors. Having worked at Cascade AIDS Project, I can tell you that KBOO's board is EXTREMELY transparent by comparision. The Board functions as a representative democracy, not a pure democracy. As an idealist, you may wish a true democracy, but that is illogical. With so many differences of opinion, nothing would get done and debates would be endless. An organization like KBOO would not be able to funciton. The Membership elects the board to represent them. That is the membership role and chief power. It is an important one.

major grassroots change in bylaws---membership petition

What is Louis's statement?

Is there any petition proposed, and if so, is it a membership petition, a petition from the membership?  Is Louis proposing a petition?  Or is Louis proposing a statement?  Or, is Lois proposing a statement about a petition that he proposes?

What are the contents of the petition????  Please post the contents of the petition.

Does the strategic planning report include any strategies for dealing with the anti-member environment at KBOO?

What do you have against calling the "sexual harassment" report the "sexual harassment report?"

What is the "bylaw situation" in the staff report and why is it saved for last?

Grassroots is about people, not anoynmous.

If this is truly a grassroots movement, then please do not post as Anoymous. It shows a streak of dishonestly in your statements in that you are not willing to stand behind them. Isn't there a law suit in Washington pertaining to publishing the names of those who signed petitions against gay rights? What I am saying here is thus: If you are making a political statement you should have the courage to state your name.


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