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Mon, 10/07/2013
Here's what's on tonight's Ubu Hour 0:00 Dead air, as the Ubu-istas seem unprepared to start their live radio theater stuff.. in fact they haven't even finished the scripts.. 8:30 Another Episode of the City That Once Worked.. 29:20 The live radio theater script.. 35:50 A docudrama about the largest school massacre ever to happen in the United States.. 50:35 A short tribute to a long-time jazz programmer who was once on KBOO and provided one of the best moments in KBOO's 45-year history. 51:30 Excerpts from the Ubu Membership Meeting.. We hear Pa Ubu (as played by Zed Craugh) explain everything that's wrong with Ubu and why Ubu is doomed to failure. This is easily the best thing in the show, and why they chose to stick it in last ten minutes, when most people have tuned out or have fallen asleep is beyond me..
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Sampling is the Highest form of Flattery

Nice. A few years ago, I thought I wanted to be part of the UBU Hour. I contacted Rolf and got several scripts sent to me. I read through them and thought long and hard, but decided that they just weren't that funny. The scripts I was shown seemed to rely on continuous profanity rather than any real comedic writing. It just didn't seem to be anything I wanted to be part of. So I politely declined. You got me at the membership meeting. I swore a lot. It's sad that KBOO was such a bad influence on me. I should have known better than to try to help KBOO, it was like trying to teach a pig to sing. I guess the frustration of the entire wretched process brought out the worst in me. Ironic that now I have a starring role in this show, having very publicly left KBOO. During the aftermath of this horrible KBOO experience, people who have been working a long time at KBOO have been sharing lots of stories. One story was how Arthur Davis was also featured on an UBU script. If you're telling me my brief dissent is as significant to the history of KBOO as one of the best and longest surviving station managers, then I'll take my being featured here as a compliment. Good luck to you all. By the way, I typed this nicely. On the crippled website paragraph entries still don't make paragraphs ... and your fear of comments still shows. Get brave and put the comments back on the front page if you dare.

Flattery is the highest form of sampling

Thanks for listening to the show, Ed, and for your well-reasoned comment on it, even when part of the show sampled part of your membership speech.. (someone without a sense of humor, or with too much insecurity would have been screaming mad at something like that.. ) Humor I think is one of the hardest things to write (many of the funniest movies today are written by a team of people, and "test-driven" on audiences before the film is released.) And though you might be right about those scripts not being funny, I might disagree with you about adding the continuous profaniity part.. as if something can either be funny or have lot of profanity, but not both.. Some people/critics seem to automatically demerit something because of the profanity, when people use it all the time.. (even at KBOO membership meetings) .. anywhere except on public airwaves between certain hours.. You may have left KBOO as a volunteer, but you are still a part of KBOO in one way if you are still listening.. (which you obviously are, since you got through an entire episode of Ubu Hour.) As for why you got sampled, you actually have a very good speaking voice (and you used profanity, that was a big bonus) (and the fact that Ubu uses the same vocalization as part of K-Boo, since I did not want this to be about KBOO, but about Ubu..) I wanted it to be amusing/funny/silly and not at all vindictive, and I'm glad you took it as such..I was not part of the Keep KBOO KBOO crowd, and didn't want to take any side on that whole debate since I knew and respected people on both sides (Ubu Hour contributors, Finance Committee people) Since I did not write the Arthur Davis peice, I can not vouch for your signaficance as being as big as his.. I try to be fair, and look at all points of view, and though I disagree with some of the things you say, Ed, I know your intentions are good, and hope you keep listening and adding feedback..


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