Kill Ugly Radio Substitution Show

Air date: 
Thu, 07/31/2014 - 10:00pm - Fri, 08/01/2014 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
Substituting one show for another

I am filling in for someone.
Maybe you.

I hope you find it fulfilling.

I will be playing music and things that sound like music but maybe isn't. Who can tell anymore?

EDIT: That's all in the past now.

Here's what I played:

10:01PM Bobcat Goldthwait (Dir.) "Office Scene" from "God Bless America (film)" 
10:03PM Automat "Automat (The Rise)" from "Automat" 
10:07PM Lalo Schifrin "What's Wrong?" from "THX-1138 OST" 
10:10PM Brother John Rydgren "Check It Out" from "Silhouette Segments" 
10:13PM Casual Contemporaries "American Top 40 Is Waiting" from "SoundCloud" 
10:16PM Alan Hawkshaw/Keith Mansfield "Flashback" from "KPM Music: Flamboyant Themes" 
10:17PM Columbia School of Broadcasting "Course In Radio Announcing Phase One" from "Course 1" 
10:19PM Alan Hawkshaw/Keith Mansfield "She" from "KPM Music: Flamboyant Themes" 
10:20PM Casual Contemporaries "Bacteria" from "Recursive Cut-Ups" 
10:22PM Samuel Fernandez "With A Grain of Salt" from "SoundCloud" 
10:25PM Paul Crouch Jr./Merv Griffin "Backwards Masking in Rock Music" from "Merv Griffin Show, 1981" 
10:25PM Craig Leon "Four Eyes To See The Afterlife" from "Nommos" 
10:29PM John Cage "Cartridge Music" from "John Cage • Christian Wolff ‎" 
10:38PM Irr. App. (Ext.) "Hypothetical Tardigrade Resurrection, Parts 2 & 3" from "Perekluchenie" 
10:44PM Pulse Emitter "Alpine Meadow" from "Alien Vacation Cassette" 
10:50PM Heldon "Jet Girl" from "Interface" 
11:00PM Noah Creshevsky "Great Performances (excerpt)" from "The Tape Music of Noah Creshevsky, 1971-92" 
11:00PM Set break  — Music Behind DJ: KPM Music: Flamboyant Themes
11:03PM The New Bangs "Go Go Kitty" from "7"" 
11:05PM Laurie Anderson "The Puppet Motel" from "Bright Red" 
11:08PM Peter Gabriel "The Intruder" from "Peter Gabriel (Melt)" 
11:13PM Diamanda Galas "Malediction" from "You Must Be Certain of the Devil" 
11:17PM Kate Bush "Get Out Of My House" from "The Dreaming" 
11:22PM Negativland "Why Don't They Blow Us Up?" from "Helter Stupid Tour '89" 
11:37PM Negativland "A Piece Of Meat" from "Helter Stupid Tour '89" 
11:43PM Set break  — Music Behind DJ: Space - Magic Fly
11:44PM Krzysztof Komeda "Scrabble/Book About Witchcraft/The Horrible Doctor" from "Rosemary's Baby OST" 
11:56PM Eduard Artemiev "Solaris Movements VIII - XVII" from "Solaris OST" 


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