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Chris Toensing on Palestine and Gaza

program date: 
Wed, 06/13/2007

Chris Toensing is the executive director of the Middle East Research and Information Project (MERIP) and senior editor of the Middle East Report. He was interviewed by Goudarz Eghtedari in the eve of the take over of Gaza by Hamas forces for the Kboo's Voices of the Middle East program. He commented on the situation in Palestine after this conflict and about the future of the Peace between Israelis and Palestinians. For previous shows click here!

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Turkey after the elections of 2007

program date: 
Wed, 08/08/2007

Interview with Professor Robert Olson, University of Kentucky, and John Olmstead, Portland State university.

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Interview with David Barsamian

program date: 
Wed, 10/10/2007
A radio interview with David Barsamian the founder and producer of the Alternative Radio and author of "Targeting Iran" with Noam Chomsly, Ervand Abrahamian, and Nahid Mozzafari.
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Impact of the NIE on the Iran war

program date: 
Wed, 12/12/2007

An interview with Barbara Slavin:

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Scott Ritter

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Thu, 01/10/2008

Scott Ritter is the former UN inspector in Iraq.  He was interviewed prior to his appearance in Portland on his US Tour of Duty.  Event was sponsored by the American Iranian Friendship Council , KBOO Community Radio and others.  For previous shows go to:

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George Habash Remembered

program date: 
Wed, 02/13/2008

An interview with historian Evan Siegel, Ph.D. (CUNJ), and Mazen Malek, Ph.D. local Palestinian activist on the death of Dr. George Habash leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), who died on January 26, 2008 at age 82.  For previous shows go to:

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Robert Dreyfuss

program date: 
Thu, 08/14/2008
An interview with Robert Dreyfuss
On issues related to US presence in the Middle East: Iraq, Iran, and beyond 
Thursday August 14th, 6 pm
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9/11 Impact on Islamic Communities

program date: 
Wed, 10/01/2008

As part of the September 11th Special: The War on Liberty since 9/11,  Goudarz Eghtedari speaks with Tom Nelson who talks about the 9/11 impact on communities in the Middle East and Islamic communities and organizations.

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Hamid Dahbashi and Kaveh Ehsani on the rigged elections in Iran

program date: 
Mon, 06/29/2009

 Guest Host: Goudarz Eghtedari

Why were elections in Iran rigged?
What do the Iranian Demonstrators want?
Is the Green Wave in Iran another CIA staged colour revolution?

For some answers tune into KBOO's special talk show with Goudarz Eghtedari when he interviews Professors Hamid Dabashi and Kaveh Ehsany, 8 AM Tuesday June 30th.

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Kiana Karimi and Rees Erlich on Iranian Activism

program date: 
Fri, 01/08/2010

Two talks:  Kiana Karimi and Rees ErlichKiana Karimi is a women's rights activist and a member of One Million Signatures Campaign, a peaceful grassroots movement for gender equality that has sprung from the efforts of Iranian women inside Iran. The Campaign officially launched on August 27, 2006, it aims to collect one million signatures in support of a petition addressed to the Iranian Parliament asking for the revision and reform of current laws, which discriminate against women.

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