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There are changes on the horizon for the radio show/podcast formerly known as "DIY, Portland." First of all, I have decided to change the name, something I've been meaning to do for some time, to Destination DIY. The main reason for this is because the show has broad enough appeal that other stations outside our fair city are beginning to play it and it seems like a good idea to take the word "Portland" out of the title in order to better include listeners in other places. The show will still be based in Portland, however.
    While the city where the show is broadcast will not be changing, it will be available here in different ways. As I transition to a fulltime staff position at OPB, that station will also be taking on the distribution of my show.
    The June 19 episode will be the last one on KBOO's airwaves and web site. I intend to remain a loyal volunteer as KBOO continues to undergo what I see as an exciting transformation. If you want to follow the transformation of Destination DIY, I invite you to visit or for details. All future episodes will continue to be available at and via the podcast. Listening parties will continue to take place @ 7pm the third Thursday of each month at the Waypost coffee shop (3120 N. Williams Ave.)

Thank you all for your support and inspiration.

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DIY, Portland on 06/19/08

Air date: 
Thu, 06/19/2008 - 10:00am - 10:30am
Short Description: 
Gender Expression

Can gender expression be a do-it-yourself project? We'll attempt to
answer that and many other complex questions about sexuality, biology
and identity in four interviews with people across the gender spectrum.


Miriam Widman at F.H. Steinbart's

program date: 
Wed, 05/28/2008

Roving reporter Miriam Widman produced this extra web content for the "Beverage Nerds" episode.

DIY, Portland: Beer and Wine

program date: 
Wed, 05/28/2008

Please note: The KBOO broadcast of this episode has been postponed until May 29, but you can listen right here whenever you'd like! There will also be a listening and tasting party Thursday, May 15 @ 7pm at the Waypost (3120 N. Williams Ave.)

In this month's episode all about home brewing and home wine making, we'll hear from Nathan Hersey as he walks us through the process of brewing beer in his driveway and Matt Giraud, who has been making wine in his basement over 18 years with a group of people who call themselves Les Garagistes. Dylan Goldsmith of Captured By Porches Brewing Company will be on to talk about what it's like to turn your home-brewing hobby into a fulltime job. He'll also reveal how to create brewing equipment out of items you might find at a garage sale.

And don't miss our web exclusive: Miriam Widman's report from F.H. Steinbart's, Portland's most established brewing supply store.

Photos of the guests (and their beverage-making equipment) is available at thanks to Tim LaBarge.

Thanks to Brian Kramer for his production and engineering help, to Nick Jaina and Jason Leonard for the music and thank YOU for listening!

DIY, Portland: Art in Strange Places

program date: 
Wed, 04/16/2008

This episode explores the benefits and challenges of showing art in unusual spaces and walking the line between vandalism and public art. Guests include Scott Wayne Indiana, the artist behind the horses you see attached to rings in the sidewalk all around Portland and Chris Haberman, who has shown his work in convenience stores and sold paintings out of the trunk of his car. This show will also take listeners inside the tiniest gallery in town. Just three and a half feet high, Core Gallery is a popular gallery space in Anna Todaro's Everett Station loft apartment. Dallas Oliver will talk a little about installation art in strange places and a pair of performance artists will discuss some of the public projects they've done as the Collective of Geniuses.

Please visit for more photos, links and extra audio content! Please come by the Listening party April 17 @ 7pm at the Waypost (3120 N. Williams), owned by former KBOO producer Michael Newman.

This is part two in our two-part series created with support from the Regional Arts and Culture Council. Thanks to Brian Kramer for his production and engineering help, to Nick Jaina and Jason Leonard for the music, to Erica Thompson for her help logging tape, to Cameron Browne for photos.

Thank YOU for listening!

DIY, Portland: Art of Survival

program date: 
Wed, 03/19/2008

Hear how artistic expression has helped people to deal with and overcome challenges such as homelessness, incarceration and physical disabilities. Funding for this episode was provided by a project grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council. More photos and links at

Thanks to Brian Kramer for engineering and production assistance, to Dmae Roberts for editorial assistance, to Nick Jaina and Jason Leonard
for original music. Thank YOU for listening!

DIY, Portland: History

program date: 
Wed, 01/16/2008

granpa on the radio


This episode takes a do-it-yourself approach to personal and collective history. You'll hear interviews with Julie's grandparents, including her grandpa Rome Hartman who had a long and storied career as a radio man at WIRK. And we're proud to bring you the work of producer Miriam Widman with a piece about a storytelling night in Portland called DIY Stories. Performance artist damali ayowill enlighten us about her fascinating project called "Living Flag: Panhandling for Reparations," where she asks white people on the street for money and hands that money back to black people passing by.

Thanks to Brian Kramer for production and engineering help, to Nick Jaina and Jason Leonard for music, to independent producers Miriam Widman and Dmae Roberts for their sonic contributions and to Scott Magee for filling a critical, technical void. Thanks also to my aunt Virginia Hartman and my uncle Larry Dorman, who provided the recordings of my grandpa on the radio in the 1940s and '50s.

Please drop by the listening party Thursday 7pm @ the Waypost (3120 N. Williams) and visit for fun links, photos, higher quality audio etc.

Thanks for listening!


program date: 
Fri, 12/21/2007

KBOO program director Chris Merrick and Ani Haines, host of Positively Revolting Talk Radio join host Julie Sabatier for an honest look at FCC regulations and the restrictions that made this month’s “DIY, Portland” episode too hot for the radio.

Too Hot for Radio

program date: 
Wed, 12/19/2007

WARNING: This show contains explicit language and sexual content.

There's a certain DIY project that everyone does when we're all alone. We have a lot of different names for it. To discuss this universal, yet taboo subject, we welcome guests such as syndicated sex advice columnist Dan Savage, who will enlighten listeners about the dangers as well as the ethics of DIY sex, and Portlander Isis Leeor, who will talk about a class she created called “Look Ma, No Hands! How to Orgasm With Your Breath.” You'll also get the inside scoop on assisted onanism from a protected source in the phone sex industry. The show will include music from Leviethan. For more information, please visit

Thanks to Brian Kramer for his engineering and production skills and to KBOO's staff for working with me on this subversive project. As always, thanks to Nick Jaina for our theme music and special thanks this month to Levi Cecil (aka Leviethan) for producing some sexy tunes just for this episode.

Don't miss a chance to listen and giggle with all your friends (and meet some new ones) at the listening party tonight at the Waypost (3120 N. Williams) @ 7pm.

DIY, Portland: Death and Burial

program date: 
Thu, 11/15/2007

Patricia Sweeney of Spiral of Life talks about the legalities and logistics of a home funeral, which like home birth is enjoying a kind of revival right now. Cynthia Beal of the Natural Burial Company discusses the multitude of options for green/natural burial. For more some intriguing facts discovered while working on this show as well as plenty of other information, please visit


DIY, Portland: Kids Learning

program date: 
Wed, 10/17/2007


This month's show examines educational models that encourage and even require kids to make their own choices about what and how to learn. We'll visit the the Village Free School in southeast Portland, where 40 kids ages 5-18 make day-to-day plans and decisions about what topics they want to pursue and at what pace. We'll also drop in on Portland Youth Builders, an alternative program specifically designed to meet the needs of low-income students who have dropped out of high school. And we'll hear from Anna Fritz, who was a straight-A student when was inspired by the unschooling movement and decided to leave school at age 16.

Find out more at


DIY, Portland: Creative Recycling

program date: 
Wed, 09/19/2007


cannibals iron artist
We'll listen in on the lively Iron Artist competition put on by the School and Community Reuse ActionProject or SCRAP to see which team can complete the most attractive sculpture out of scrap materials in just three hours. The teams got pretty rowdy, whipped cream went flying and we captured it all. We'll also take a tour of the Rebuilding Center, where building materials go to find a second life and where home improvement is truly DIY.

Thanks again to Brian Kramer for his impeccable audio engineering skills and to the Young brothers, Richie and Dillon, who provided original music for this episode. Special thanks to Nick Jaina for the theme song we continue to use.

Free podcast, photos and lots of information available here.


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