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Audio Archive Problems?


What has happened to the "Auto-magic" audio Archiving ? So it runs up to "Lounge World" and 16 minutes into "The Vinyl Pajama Party" 0n 7/2/2013. After that- POOF ! no more! So...whats up with that?

U of O fires Leaders of Native American, Latin and Black American communities!!Please sign petition!

Osiyo, or hello all,
Being part Native American, Cherokee, or really Tsalagi, pronounced Jalagi, by the People., this issue means alot to me and alot of others attending our College. It has ramifications all through this state and sends a message across the country. The University has fired the elder leaders of the Native American, Latin American and Black American communities.

Tom Ball, VP of the Native's Program at U of O, will be interviewed on "Tillicum Wawa" Thursday 2-21


Tom Ball , Vice President  of the Native American porgram at the U of O in Eugene, will be our guest on KBOO radio station, for  this week's  "Tillicum Wawa" show on Thursday 2-21-13.

Tom Ball,  Emillio Henandez of the Latino programs and Carla Gary of the African American programs have been replaced by a "single position' for all of these minority programs, by Yvette Alex-Assensah . She was  appointed by the President of the U of O.

This is an outrage to these people who have dedicated  years at developing the programs for and of minority students at the University of Oregon.. The lack of these minority leaders will , at the very least, discourage other minorities from enrolling in the U of O.

Please sign petition to reinstate Leaders of the Native program at the U of O .

U of O President Michael Gottfredson has made the decsion to gut it's formerr minority office of Instituional Equity and Diversity, including Eugene's Native American, African American and Hispanic department leaders!!!

Dr Tom Ball and Dr. Alison Ball were victims of the Natives programs cuts, a long with 2 other Vice Presidents of the Latino and African American university communities.

They will all be replaced by Dr. Yvette Alex-Assensoh, who cannot replace the role of all three of these proven leaders at the U of O.

Bye for now


 Dear friends -

It's been a great ride, and a great honor to work with you all. I'll be seeing you soon, as a volunteer

Thanks so much, vj

Changes to the Front Page


 Hello, all -

We made some changes to the front page, which we hope are helpful to you.

Here's some information for programmers:

  • The Title used to be "[Program Title] on [Date]" - now it's "[Short Description] on [Program Title]"
  • Teaser used to be formatted text - now it's shorter, stripped-of-HTML text
  • Teaser showed all images post - teaser only shows the first image

The Schedule Episodes, or the pages that are connected to the promos on the front page, look exactly the way the programmers created them.

More problems with the KBOO website


 Dear listeners and dear programmers -

I've decided to keep a running list of what's wrong with the website:

  • Automagic archiving is still not happening.
  • Uploading audio to "audio" pages causes a really ugly error (always)
  • Audio attached to "audio" pages is failing (frequently)
  • Audio attached to "schedule episode" pages is failing (less frequently)
  • Schedule episode pages are not allowing themselves to be edited
  • Program pages have been un-"panelled" so attached episodes, audio, playlists, comments are now unattached.

The web consultant and I are working on the issues as fast as we can. We're hoping this will all shake out very soon. 

Yours, vj

Audio is a problem


I am hating writing these blog posts of late.

Automagic archiving is still not happening.

Worse yet, we're having some trouble around audio.

"Old" archived audio is corrupted. "New" archived audio is also, often, ending up corrupted. Essentially, Audio pages are failing overwhelmingly.

I recommend that if you have audio to upload, upload it to the Schedule Episode file for that show, and do not create an Audio file. While Schedule Episode's audio is still sometimes failing, it works more often than not (66%).

If you didn't create the Schedule Episode, contact me ([email protected]) and I can reset the author.

Thanks much, vj

Tuesday's (web) work is lost


 Hello dear comrades -

As you know, the website crashed in a big way on Tuesday night.... and it didn't come back up until Thursday morning.

The crash corrupted the website databases -- which contained all of the content on the website. According to Wikipedia, "The word corrupt (Middle English, from Latin corruptus, past participle of corrumpere, to abuse or destroy : com-, intensive pref. and rumpere, to break) when used as an adjective literally means utterly broken."

The website, when it came back up, was restored with a backup. The backup appears to have been done at some point soon after midnight on Tuesday morning.

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